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Bluebird Monitoring Volunteer Opportunities

Published Feb. 21, 2014

MOBILE, Ala.--The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Mobile District at West Point Project is seeking volunteers to assist with bluebird nesting box monitoring during the March to August breeding season. Prospective volunteers should be available to inspect their assigned nesting boxes every two weeks during the breeding season. USACE will provide data logs and maps to the locations of the assigned nesting boxes.  

In 2013, volunteers donated over 250 hours to assist with monitoring the bluebird nesting boxes. Volunteers were able to record 458 fledglings in the 170 boxes placed around West Point Lake.

The Eastern Bluebird population has risen considerably over the past few decades as a result of nesting box installations and volunteer assistance with monitoring programs. This is in sharp contrast to the 1960’s when bluebird populations declined to a level that raised extinction fears. “These nesting boxes and the volunteers who help support them are vital to the growth of the population at West Point Lake” added Park Ranger Kevin Parsons.

Individuals interested in volunteering for the nesting box program should contact Ranger Parsons at 706-645-2937.

For more specific information on this topic or any other issue related to the management of West Point Project, please contact the Project Management Office at 706-645-2937, or visit the West Point Lake website at

Lisa Parker

Release no. 14-002