Composed of 3 Branches

  • Program Management & Control
  • Civil Branch
  • Military Branch

The Real Estate Division is responsible for the Budget management which includes processing and paying over 800 bills monthly (rent and utility payments) and the collection of rent for land owned by the Government but leased to the public. The Division has a $40 million dollar real estate program.

The Real Estate Division supervises and coordinates all phases of real estate activities involving the planning, acquisition and management and disposal of all real property interests within the boundaries of the District in support of military, civil works, governmental agencies and local sponsors on specific direction. 

The Division specializes in relocating displaced persons and businesses as a result of land acquisition by the United States Government and is often sought by other federal agencies and districts to provide relocation services.

The Division also oversees and manages the District’s real estate program for the Joint Facilities Recruiting Command (JFRC), providing office space and housing for military recruitment offices and service members supporting recruiting activities for Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and National Guard.

Real Estate employs persons in the following disciplines:  Realty Specialist, Cartographer, Realty Assistance, Appraisers, Foresters, Budget Analysts, and Management & Program Analysts.