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Eagle Cove Marina, Holt Lake, Tuscaloosa County, Al. Comments

Open Comment Period for Eagle Cove Marina, Holt Lake, Tuscaloosa County, Al.

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Mobile District has begun an open comment period for

the Draft Environmental Assessment of the Proposed I-575 Bridge Expansion over the Little River,

Cherokee County, Ga. A copy of the DEA is located at the following website:

    The document is being circulated to resource agencies and interested members of the public for a 30-day

comment period.

    Public comments can be submitted through a variety of methods. Written comments may be submitted to

USACE Mobile District by mail, facsimile, or e-mail. Correspondence concerning this DEA should refer to

I-575 Bridge Expansion and should be directed to:

1. Commander, U.S. Army Engineer District Mobile


P.O. Box 2288

Mobile, AL 36628-0001

2. Facsimile number: 251-694-3815

3. E- mail address:


4. Submit online:  above