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Lake Sidney Lanier Performing Existing Easement Surveys

Published Dec. 15, 2020

MOBILE, Ala. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Mobile District wishes to advise the public that it is currently surveying and marking corner points of an existing flowage easement near Lake Sidney Lanier.

The public may see or encounter USACE staff and survey contractors in the area known as easement “Segment W” for the next several weeks and into the first quarter of 2021 performing survey work. You may observe workers in the following vicinities: 

    Lanier Springs Subdivision, Gwinnett County
    Old Sycamore Road, Gwinnett County
    Sycamore Road, Gwinnett County
    Richland Creek Subdivision, Sugar Hill, Gwinnett County
    Barrington Estates Subdivision, Sugar Hill, Gwinnett County
    River Rush Subdivision, Gwinnett County
    Links at Sugar Hill Subdivision, Sugar Hill, Gwinnett County
    Suwanee Dam Road, Gwinnett County
    Laurel Park Subdivision, Sugar Hill, Gwinnett County
    Lakeside Lane, Gwinnett County

USACE thanks the public for its ongoing cooperation in our accomplishing of this effort. If you are a landowner with an easement on or adjacent to your property, we ask for your cooperation in allowing the surveyors access for the purpose of identifying and marking the easement line. As part of the survey process, corner markers will be installed at all locations where the easement lines make a turn. This will provide for a physical identification of the easements.

What are our Easements?

Historically, with the construction of Buford Dam and Lake Sidney Lanier, USACE acquired easements downstream of the emergency spillway. The easements provide the government with the perpetual right, power and privilege to occasionally overflow, flood and submerge the land within the easement. 

The emergency spillway would only be utilized to evacuate water from Lake Lanier if the lake elevation ever reached in excess of 1085 ft above mean sea level (msl). This water would travel through the easement land and return to the Chattahoochee River via Richland Creek. There has never been an occasion for the use of this spillway. The full summer elevation of Lake Lanier is 1071 msl and the elevation of record for Lake Lanier is 1077.15, which occurred on April 14, 1964. Regardless of historical need, however, USACE must maintain proper identification of these easements for public safety.

For more information please contact the Lanier Project Management Office at 770-945-9531. 

With an area of operation across Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and northern Florida, and a vast military region that includes operations across Central and South America, the Mobile District’s award- winning teams of engineering, construction, regulatory and emergency management professionals are nationally recognized for their leadership in delivery of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ civil works and military programs missions to the Nation.



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