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USACE offers water, boating safety tips for holiday weekend

Published May 22, 2013

MOBILE, Ala. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Mobile District continues to encourage everyone to practice water and boating safety as the Memorial Day holiday weekend kicks off.  

Recreational users can find lifejacket-loaner stations at many Corps-operated areas and facilities for recreation, campground and day-use. Visit and click recreation to find Mobile District-managed lake projects, or go to to find any Corps lake project in the U.S.  

“We welcome visitors and their families to enjoy the use of our lakes and recreational areas this holiday weekend but want them to be safe by wearing life jackets,” Lance Davis, a public affairs specialist for USACE Mobile District, said. “A child can drown in less than 30 seconds; an adult in 60 seconds, but it takes less than a minute to put on a life jacket. A life jacket can save your life if you wear it right.”  

USACE Mobile District offers the following tips to promote water and boating safety:  

Lifejacket - Wear It Right:  

-        Check the label:    Should be U.S. Coast Guard approved and proper size.  

-        Check for damage – No broken parts, mold or rips in fabric!  

-        Fasten up – Fasten all buckles, zippers and straps.  

-        Check for proper fit – Lift shoulders and make sure it does not slip above the chin or ears.  

-        Wear it – A life jacket only works if it’s worn!  

Water Safety Tips:  

-        Wear a life jacket because it could save your life.  

-        Learn how to swim, but be reminded that even good swimmers can drown so please know your limits.  

-        Swim with a buddy.   Water Safety Tips continued:  

-        Swim in designated areas only.  

-        Use your head and go feet first into the water.  

-        Leave the water at the first sign of bad weather.  

-        Watch your children - no reading, phoning or napping.  

Boating Safety Tips:  

 -        Always wear a life jacket when you are on a boat.  

 -        Always boat soberly.  

 -        Always boat with a friend.  

 -        Use your running lights from dusk until dawn when you are on the water.  

-        Always let someone on shore know where you plan to take the boat.  

 -        Check the weather before you put the boat in the water.  

 -        Know and follow the “water rules of the road.”  

-        Learn how to swim.    


Lance Davis

Release no. 13-019