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Rangers to host free program from Southeastern Reptile Rescue

Published May 17, 2011

MOBILE, Ala. – Park rangers at West Point Lake Project Office are scheduled to host a free program for the public provided by the Southeastern Reptile Rescue in the R. Shaefer Heard Campground Amphitheater May 21 at 5:00 p.m.


Southeastern Reptile Rescue is a licensed reptile exhibitor by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources that presents an interactive, educational program featuring venomous and non-venomous snakes of the southeastern United States. The exhibit consists of the following: king snakes; rat snakes; corn snakes; copperheads; cottonmouths; and rattlesnakes. Other exotic snakes, alligators and tortoises are also included.


“The public is welcomed and encouraged to attend,” Susan Fuller, a park ranger from the West Point Lake Project, said. “We hope visitors will leave with a better understanding of these often misunderstood animals.”


Attendees will learn about venomous snake identification, how to avoid a bite and what to do if bitten. Some of the reptiles may be available to be held for photo opportunities. Pets of any kind are not allowed at this event.


“This restriction is for the safety of the reptiles as well as the pets,” Fuller stated.


The R. Shaefer Heard Campground is located approximately four miles north of West Point, Ga. off U.S. Highway 29 at 101 Shaefer Heard Park Road, West Point, GA 31833.


For more information on this event, please call 706-645-2937. To learn more about the West Point Lake Project visit

Lance D. Davis

Release no. 11-030