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Mobile District Responds To COVID-19

Published March 18, 2020

  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Mobile District announces March 18, 2020, several changes have been made to its normal operations in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic emergency confronting the Nation.


While mission-essential functions -- activities which the Corps executes to ensure public safety as well as the reliability and availability of safe transportation of goods on authorized waterways -- will continue uninterrupted, a number of Corps activities executed by Mobile District will experience temporary adjustments in schedules and operations:




  • Mission-essential hydropower work continues as scheduled, ensuring the reliability of hydropower generation and uninterrupted service.


Recreation Areas


  • In order to minimize COVID-19 transmission exposure safeguarding the visiting public and Mobile District personnel, several schedule changes have been instituted at Mobile District recreation areas.


  • Visitor Centers and resource management offices are closed to the general public, effective immediately, until notice is issued of scheduled re-openings following the declared end to the COVID-19 pandemic emergency.


  • Mobile District parks, campgrounds and other recreation areas that have not opened for the 2020 recreation season will delay opening indefinitely. Full refunds for cancelled reservations will be issued as soon as possible.


  • At recreation areas that have already opened for the 2020 season, Mobile District recreation area project offices will place a hold on any new reservations for campsites, or other areas, with reservable features until further notice. Visitors already enjoying recreation area reservations will be allowed to stay onsite until the end of their reservation period.


  • Some boat ramps and trails will remain accessible to the general public. For more information, please contact your local Mobile District project office.


  • Mobile District will immediately cancel all interpretive programs, site visits and tours, as well as USACE-sponsored events such as shore sweeps, kids to parks, Earth Day events or public meetings that are set to occur within the next 60 days.


  • Mobile District recreation area project sites operating shoreline management programs will take COVID-19 social distancing precautions before scheduling an appointment for a site visit or inspection.


  • Preventative measures are being taken where applicable to minimize infectious exposure to Mobile District personnel as well as the general public while performing mission duties at our recreation areas.


Coastal Navigation and Coastal Storm Protection


  • Mission Essential channel maintenance activities will continue, including regular surveying to determine the condition of channels, dredging to restore width and depth of channel and in the ongoing restoration of barrier islands and beaches which serve as a coastal storm protection projects.


Flood Risk Management


  • Operation and maintenance of multi-purpose dams, spillways, and water control facilities supporting the reduction of flood risk to associated communities are mission-essential functions of the Corps, and will continue in order to ensure reliable, uninterrupted protection.


Inland Navigation and Lock-and-Dam Operations


  • Operation and maintenance of locks, dams and channel maintenance are mission-essential functions of the Corps, and continue ensure safe channel conditions and the reliable transportation of goods during the COVID-19 pandemic emergency.


  • Project sites are assessing increasing facility and staff operational flexibilities to ensure uninterrupted operations.


  • Schedules for major maintenance activities and staffing requirements are being reviewed and adjusted regularly as the situation evolves to minimize risk to personnel and project reliability.


For more information, please contact USACE Mobile District at 251-690-2505.


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