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The Mobile District employs more than 1,100 people, which includes 366 engineers. The district also employs biologists, ecologists, boat pilots, archaeologists, agronomists, recreation specialists, statisticians, economists, architects, attorneys, geologists, chemists, nurses, deckhands, artists, photographers, accountants, park rangers, computer specialists, and personnel in other specialty fields. To find out if we have a career that is right for you, take a minute to look through our current vacancy announcements.


Area: All or parts of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Central and South America. Click here for map





Pay Plan/Series Grade









IT Specialist (OS/PLCYPLN)-- USACE Enterprise IT Services (ACE-IT) GS-2210-9/12 Mobile, AL 01/15/2021-01/25/2021 SWHB219199809746DHA Full-Time/Term 5 Years
Interdisciplinary--Planning & Environmental Div. GS-0020,0110,0193,0401,0801,1301-11/12 Mobile, AL 01/15/2021-01/29/2021 SCGU219133990257R Full-Time/Permanent
Civil Engineer GS-0810-05/07 Mobile, AL 01/14/2021-01/25/2021 Civil Engineer Full-Time/Permanent
Interdisciplinary--Planning & Environmental Div. GS-0020,0110,0193,0401,0807,0810-14 Mobile, AL 01/13/2021-01/19/2021 SCGU219151797364 Full-Time/Permanent
Interdisciplinary GS-0401,819,1301-12 Montgomery, AL 01/13/2021-01/27/2021 Interdisciplinary Full-Time/Permanent
Interdisciplinary Engineer GS-12 Columbus, MS 01/13/2021-01/28/2021 Interdisciplinary Engineer Full-Time/Permanent
Lock and Dam Operator WY-05 Demopolis, AL 01/08/2021-01/22/2021 Lock and Dam Operator Full-Time/Permanent
Lead Interdisciplinary (Engineer/Architect)---Engineering Div. GS-0808,0810,0830,0850-13 Mobile, AL 01/07/2021-01/21/2021 SCGU209070401178 Full-Time/Permanent