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  • Maintain all Real Estate maps for Civil and Military projects throughout the Mobile District.
  • Prepares legal descriptions and maps for acquistions, disposals and outgrants and maintains boundary survey data for civil and military projects in the District
  • Provides a full range of real estate planning expertise for implementing civil and/or military land acquisitions, including project management, scoping, cost estimates, obtaining approvals/directives, appraisals, title evidence, non-Federal acquisition oversight, crediting procedures, and subsequent land auditing activities.
  • Administers all Mobile District Permanent Change of Station (PCS) real estate claim reviews/approvals.

  • Keeps records of all District Real Property
  • Puts new assets into service
  • Maintains audit files

Department of the Army

U.S Army Engineer District, Mobile                                    

Attention: CESAM-RE

P.O. Box 2288

Mobile, Alabama 36628-0001

Program Management and Control Chief

(251) 694-3680


The Program Management & Control Branch is a multi-disciplinary part of the Real Estate Division, providing comprehensive and diverse real estate services to a broad civil and military client base. We  actively support and collaborate with numerous Federal agencies within the southeast region, such as, FEMA, EPA, DOE, DOI, BLM, USFWS, USDA, GSA, DOT, various DOD agencies, and Non-Federal entities, such as state and local governments.

Our expertise in the field of real estate is far-reaching and we provide a full range of real estate services that encompass the following areas:


·         Real Estate Planning and Program/Project Management

·         Land Appraisal

·         Full Federal and/or Cost-Shared Land Acquisition & Crediting capabilities

·         Cadastral & Mapping Services including ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

·         PL 91-646 Relocations

·         Forestry and Agriculture Services including timber valuations

·         Installation Support

·         Land Management & Disposal

·         Encroachment Resolutions / Boundary Disputes

·         Land Exchanges

·         Real Property Accountability / Post-Acquisition Audit and Record Keeping/Safeguarding

·         PCS Real Estate Claims



Our diverse range of skills and expertise - together with our long history of providing real estate services to the nation – combine to set us apart. Our pragmatic approach, highly flexible workforce, and attention to detail are significant to our mission. These attributes allow us to execute multiple business lines and provide quality products on time and within budgetary constraints enables us to build trust, and develop the enduring professional relationships which are vital to successful project delivery. We pride ourselves on delivering these quality services in a collaborative atmosphere to better promote teamwork with other entities which in turn assures an integrated approach to successful projects.