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Department of the Army

U.S Army Engineer District, Mobile                                    

Attention: CESAM-RE

P.O. Box 2288

Mobile, Alabama 36628-0001

Chief of Civil Branch

(251) 694-3657


Prepares condemnation assemblies in concert with Office of Counsel for submission to the Department of Justice for the acquisition of fee title, easements, leases and other real estate interests in land through the Government’s rights of eminent domain, and assists Justice Representatives in the litigation of these matters. Reviews offers of settlement proposed in connection with condemned properties and makes recommendations with respect thereto.

Prepares and coordinates contracts involving real estate activities in connection with relocation, abandonment, or vacation of highways, railroads, utilities, cemeteries, and town sites.

Negotiates  leases, licenses, and permits for use of lands, buildings, housing, and other facilities in support of civil requirements. Also, as requested, provides these services to other agencies such as Department of Energy. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, National Aeronautics and Space Administration,  and Environmental Protection Agency. Services include provisions for alterations of leased premises to accommodate using services through arrangements with lessor or through third-party agreement.

Acquires title, easements, licenses, permits, and other interests in and by purchase, exchange, donation, or transfer from other Government agencies, including permits for temporary use. Contracts for all title evidence and responsible for review and monitoring of closings.

Reviews applications for reimbursement of real estate expenses under PL 89-516. Takes necessary action concerning all relocation benefits and reimbursements to owners and tenants for expenses incurred because of the Government’s acquisition of their land, in accordance with PL 91-646.

Coordinate with sponsoring elements to ensure the timely acquisition of real estate interests in Federally-financed local interest projects.

Directs District activities related to Real Estate’s management and disposal programs involving civil and NASA properties. Cures encroachments on civil projects through disposals, voluntary removals, and legal action through US Attorney’s office. Prepares deeds for approval by Office of Counsel, where authority has been delegated, for disposal of any real property interests.

Develops and implements plans for the use by others of real property at civil projects. Prepares and administers real property documents, i.e., leases, easements, licenses, permits, consents. Also prepares water supply and cost-sharing contracts. Inspects civil real property utilized by others to assure compliance with terms of real property documents.

Performs utilizations inspections of all civil real property to assure proper utilization. Initiates disposal action for excess civil real property (land, buildings, sand, etc.).

Acquires and manages leases for the Leased Government Housing Program.  Assures that existing policy, regulations and laws, such as the Economy Act, are followed when arranging for new leases or upgrades to leased space.  Coordinates with lessors, installation command, and any customers whenever maintenance problems occur, assuring that problems are resolved within the existing lease terms.  Handles all requests for rental increases within established policy and regulations.  Processes changes of ownership, address, utility adjustments, etc.  Acts as the government’s agent for relations with lessors.  Negotiates independently with current lessors to renew existing leases.