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Deep Draft Navigation

National Deep Draft Navigation Planning Center of Expertise (DDNPCX)


The Center’s vision is to be the technical leaders in deep draft navigation planning with support to USACE and the Nation.


The DDNPCX opened for business operations on October 1, 2003. Initially the center has primarily provided independent technical review services. The organization of the center was completed by October 3, 2004. Additional experts were selected and added to the center’s capabilities over the next 6 months and will continually be added as needed.

  • The following critical assumptions apply during and after stand-up of the DDNPCX: 
    Work will continue to be processed as efficiently as possible during the transition period;
  • DDNPCX functions will include support for Regional Implementation Teams (RIT) and Communities of Practice (CoP);
  • The DDNPCX will be the primary POC for Corps deep draft navigation planning at all levels nationally and internationally;
  • Project execution actions requiring DDNPCX involvement will typically be referred to the DDNPCX from District Support Teams and/or District Project Delivery Teams but may, as circumstances warrant, be referred to the DDNPCX directly from other MSCs or Washington level requests;
  • Authorities and actions will be delegated to the lowest appropriate level possible;
  • The DDNPCX will have the authority and responsibility for establishing and maintaining National relations, e.g., with ASA (CW), OMB, and congressional members and staff as appropriate;
  • The DDNPCX core team members will not be expected to resolve every issue that comes to the DDNPCX, but will be responsible for getting resolution of issues from whatever source;
  • The DDNPCX will be the advocate and interface for RBC resource and program requirements to the Program Integration offices at all levels; 
  • The DDNPCX will be the advocate and interface for Policy and CoP issues surfaced by the RBC at Washington level or the regional level;
  • There will be one level of review of decision documents – with information copies provided to all involved staffs. The overall focus is on enabling execution at the Districts in an efficient and effective manner;
  • In establishing and staffing the DDNPCX, every effort will be made to integrate members from the current HQ Support Teams onto the DDNPCX to ensure a continuous base of knowledge of programs and projects. In any event, having experienced and knowledgeable Project Managers, Senior Planners, Economists, Engineers and other technical support elements will be important to the success of the DDNPCX.