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West Point Lake Volunteer Program


The Volunteer Program is a relatively new idea at West Point Lake and in it's early stages of evolving into something much bigger. The U.S Army Corps of Engineers is utilizing volunteers in 39 states. Volunteers are becoming essential to keeping parks and campgrounds operational as the USACE is seeing a re-allocation in it's budget causing West Point Lake to make management and operational changes. At West Point Lake, volunteers provide essential services that allow us to reduce the costs of contracts around the project in the form of long-term and short-term volunteer opportunities.  


Program Opportunities

Long-Term Volunteering

Opportunities for individuals or couples to stay for long durations on a pre-determined full-hookup site for free are available seasonally. During the winter season (October - February) positions are available in the volunteer village, beach area Day-Use Parks (winter sitter) and campgrounds (Park Host). During the summer recreation season (March - September) positions are available in the Volunteer Village and beach area Day-Use Parks (Park Host).

Positions in the volunteer village have a more flexible time schedule and jobs duties change based on the needs of surrounding parks, campgrounds and other projects around the lake.

Beach Area Day-Use Parks include Earl Cook Recreation Area, Rocky Point Recreation Area and Yellowjacket Recreation Area. Each location has two host sites. During the winter, only one host site at each park is filled. During the summer, both host sites are filled.

Positions in the Day-Use Parks have a flexible time schedule during the winter season. Volunteers act both as Winter Sitters as well as performing other tasks in surrounding Day-Use Parks. During the summer recreation season, Park Hosts in Day-Use Parks rotate on a 4 day on/off schedule. Duties during the summer include assisting visitors with day-use fees, monitoring the park for vandalism and rule compliance, maintaining a life jacket loaner station and conducting water safety programs. 

Positions for couples only are available during the winter season in R. Shaefer Heard Campground as Park Host during the period of October - March. Two host sites are filled using volunteers and campground operations adjust to this change. Gatehouse hours are reduced from the summer months and half the campground is closed. Volunteers are trained on-site to perform basic gatehouse operations, work on a pre-determined rotation schedule and perform park inspections regularly.

Short-Term Volunteering (Special Events and Public Service)

All year round, short-term volunteer opportunities are available for individuals or groups who are looking for one or two-day activities.

Special Events such as Take a Warrior Fishing, Special Day for Special People and the West Point Lake Trash Cleanup Event are a few of the larger programs where sponsors, partnerships and volunteers are vital to keeping them going. Whether you want to pick up some shoreline trash, give rides on your pontoon boat or bass boat, help at a booth or join in by adding something new to the event, these activities are worth while for individuals or groups to get involved. Long-term volunteers already on the project are welcome to participate in these events.

Group Camping is available for Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and other organized groups who want to spend more than one day on a service project. Located in Amity Campground on sites #1-11, this area has been closed to the public in the campground to provide a safe area for groups to camp for free anytime during the year as projects become available. Activities must be scheduled in advance and approved by the Volunteer Coordinator.



Village Description

The Volunteer Village is a new addition to the West Point Volunteer Program and is located in Amity Campground on sites #12-21. This area has been closed to the public and now serves as the main base for many volunteers all year long. Although many renovations to this area are being planned, all sites have already been transformed to have septic, 50 amp electric and water hookup.

Volunteers who stay in the Village area must work a minimum of 21 hours/week per campsite and are assigned different jobs every three weeks by the Volunteer Coordinator. A storage shed located in the camping loop provided volunteer with all the necessary equipment to perform tasks in assigned parks and/or campgrounds around the Lake.

Amenities in the Village area include bathroom and shower facilities, laundry facilities, a boat ramp and all other amenities in Amity Campground during its operation period.



Volunteer Projects

  • Blow off leaves
  • Clean Fire Rings
  • Clean and Stock Bathrooms
  • Pickup Trash around campsites and lake shoreline
  • Clean Signs
  • Paint Signs
  • Monitor and/or repair Blue-Bird boxes
  • Build fish attractors
  • Plant trees and other vegetation
  • Assist with School Programs onsite and offsite
  • Assist with Special Events
  • Assist Rangers with monthly data collection
  • Assist at Visitor Center desk
  • Assist Rangers on boat patrols
  • Maintain bulletin boards
  • Conduct educational programs at R.Shaefer Heard Amphitheater
  • Clear brush
  • Maintain Project Office Butterfly Garden
  • Inspect hiking and biking trails
  • Photographer


Volunteer Appearance

While performing various services, volunteers will be required to wear a volunteer uniform. The uniform will consist of a white, tan or red short or long sleeve cotton shirt with volunteer patch on the left arm, pants or knee long shorts, a red baseball hat with volunteer patch, and a volunteer name tag. The patches, baseball hat and name tag will be provided by USACE. Shirts and pants must be provided by the volunteer. Clothing is expected to be kept clean and in good repair so as to provide a positive image to our visitors.


Program Coordinator

The Volunteer Program is coordinated by a USACE interpretive Park Ranger. The interpreter is responsible for the development and implementation of the program, training of volunteers, work assignments, scheduling and meeting reporting requirements.

Contact volunteer coordinator at 706-645-6113. 


Basic Requirements

  • Must submit a Volunteer Application
  • Must complete all required paperwork presented by the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Must undergo a background check
  • Must be at least 21 years of age or older to volunteer in long-term positions without a guardian
  • Must drive your personal vehicle around Lake to perform volunteer duties and carry work equipment (gas compensation may be provided)
  • Must have a factory built, self-sustained camper or RV with insurance
  • Should be in good health, able to walk over a variety of surfaces, get in and out of a vehicle without issue and lift up to 20 lbs
  • Must work well with others and maintain communication with the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Must attend all required meetings and trainings


Volunteer Agreement Termination

All volunteers must abide by all state, local and federal policies.

USACE or the volunteer must give two week notice before terminating a volunteer agreement.

For more information about the volunteer program at West Point Lake, please contact us at 706-645-2937.


Volunteer Application

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