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Recent findings show in 9 out of 10 drownings involving infants or children, a parent or guardian considered themselves to be supervising at the time the drowning occurred. Most people are under the erroneous conception that a person will make a lot of noise and call for help when they are drowning, but this simply is not the case. Also, parents/guardians get distracted by conversations, reading, sunning, napping, etc. Parents/guardians at the beach be aware of this statistic and actively supervise, by remaining within arms reach of their children at all times and maintaining constant vigilance.


Students at Headland Elem School were treated to a visit from Buddy Beaver. Park Rangers from Walter F. George Lake presented a water safety program showing the children how to wear PFD's and how important it is to keep them on when on or near the water. The end of the program the students presented a program of their own by singing to Buddy Beaver. Everyone had a wonderful time and learned how important water safety is. Buddy has already made plans on returning next year for a visit.


Rangers at Walter F. George Lake work in our community as well as on our lake and river to bring the Corps' water safety message to you. Our lake project has a water safety coordinator. This person manages the project's water safety programs. Rangers also perform water safety demonstrations in classrooms, communities, and parks, and work with community businesses to sponsor water safety promotions such as, poster contests, "Loaner For Life Program", and "Flotation Citations" for children caught demonstrating water safety principles, and safe boating demonstrations. The Resource Managers Office and visitor center, in conjunction with local Coast Guard Auxiliary Stations and Power Squadrons often host safe boating and boating certification courses in the community. Contact the Water Safety Coordinator at the Resource Managers Office for information on upcoming programs and promotions or to make arrangements for a ranger program for your classroom or community. Programs are available for all age groups.

For Kids: The online water safety adventures of Corky,
Sinker, and Bobber the Water Safety Dog!

Also, visit the Corps' online Education Center for activities that can be used in classrooms, science fair projects or other educational environments.

FACT: Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States.

FACT: The majority of visitors to Corps of Engineers projects come to enjoy some sort of water based recreation, be it fishing, boating, or swimming.

The staff of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is dedicated to providing the safest environment possible for your recreation experience. The Corps has an extensive water safety program.

FUN AND EDUCATIONAL: Contests, stickers, coloring books, whistles, posters, key chains, croakies, coozies, Frisbees, t-shirts, water bottles, life jackets and more! are used to help deliver a message about the important of water safety programs. We feel being safe doesn't have to be dull, it can be part of the fun!

BUSINESSES: We welcome the opportunity to partner with, and actively seek out, local businesses to help spread the word about water safety. Partnerships can be as simple as displaying water safety posters and brochures. Other businesses promote water safety programs by providing prizes, coupons and discounts used to reward children for displaying their water safety education. If you or your business would like to be a part of these community programs, contact your Water Safety Coordinator.

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National Water Safety Program
- Home of the Corp's nationwide program . Provides tips and educational materials for use in water safety programs.
American Red Cross - A list of services provided by the Red Cross. Includes a water safety section for swimmers and lifeguards. - A boating safety resource site centered on the recreational boater. Includes rules, laws, articles, tips, training, and links to other water safety training organizations.
Center for Disease Control - Provides safety tips including a swimming safety section.
U.S. Power Squadrons - Educational materials, online boating courses and tests, and a guide for locating local boater safety courses.
Coast Guard Auxiliary - a volunteer group that promotes boating safety across the country. Provides a schedule of local safe boating and certification classes. - A commercial group providing towing services on U.S. waters. Contains online boating courses for general boating and personal watercraft (PWC). These courses meet boater education requirements in some states.
National Water Safety Congress - Information on their activities including education, alerts, upcoming events, and publications. The Corps is a member of the NWSC.
National Safe Boating Council - Promotes safe boating through training and educational materials. Information on the annual National Safe Boating Week.