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Whether you enjoy relaxing aboard your sailboat, casting for bass from a fishing boat or skimming the waves behind a skiboat, there's ample room for your favorite water sports on Walter F. George Lake or Lake George W. Andrews.

As the larger of the two lakes, Walter F. George lends itself better to boating activities, but numerous boat ramps are available on both lakes.

Boat ramps on the Alabama side of Walter F. George Lake include: Franklin Landing, Highland Park, Hardridge Creek Day-Use Park, Thomas Mill Creek Park, White Oak Creek Park & Campground, Cheneyhatchee Creek Park, Barbour Creek Landing, Chewalla Creek Marina*, Old Creek Town Park*, Lakepoint Resort State Park*, Hatchechubbee Creek Park, Briar Creek Park* and Bluff Creek Park.

Boat ramps on the Georgia side of Walter F. George Lake include: East Bank Park, George T. Bagby State Park*, Cottonhill Campground, Sandy Branch Park, Pataula Creek Park, Cool Branch Park, River Bluff Park, Rood Creek Park, Florence Landing & Marina*, Bluff Creek Campground and River Bend Park. 

Lake George W. Andrews boat ramps include:  Abbie Creek Park, Columbia Boat Ramp*, and Omusee Creek Park* located on the Alabama side, and Coheelee Creek Park*, East Bank Park, Odom Creek Park*, and George W. Andrews Lock & Dam located on the Georgia side.

A navigable channel of 100 feet by nine feet is maintained as far north a Columbus, Georgia, allowing larger boats to move safely along the lakes. Boaters are advised to be cautious of commercial barge traffic utilizing the inland waterway.

Please be aware of possible underwater hazards. Low-hanging power lines should also be noted. Remember that all federal, state and local boating laws apply on the lakes. Please take note of navigational markers and exercise good judgment on the water.

Most ramps charge a $3 boat launch fee, or you may purchase an annual pass for $30.
You can check the status of water levels at our boat ramps and beaches.

MARINAS* at Walter F. George Lake
- Florence Marina State Park 229-838-4244  
- George T. Bagby State Park 229-768-2571 ext 219  
- Chewalla Creek Marina 334-687-5751  
- Lake Point State Park 334-687-8011  
- Mid-Lake Bait & Tackle   334-687-1311  
  (gas only, no dockage)    

*The appearance of this information does not constitute an endorsement by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

For more information or to arrange for a ranger presentation on water safety, please contact the
Site Manager's Office at 229-768-2516

Recreational Boating Safety Information by the
U.S. Coast Guard


When visiting the lake, we recommend that you review the following safety messages for a safe and enjoyable time:

- Be Alert to underwater hazards such as submerged stumps, logs and rocks that are present in the lake.
- Be especially careful when approaching the shoreline because depth of water will vary from time to time and place to place. 
- Never dive into water of unknown depth.
- Be alert to hazards such as poisonous plants, insects and snakes that inhabit the woodlands.
- Keep children under close supervision at all times, especially when they are in or near the water.
- Wear life vests at all times.
- Do not use alcohol while in, on or around the water.
- File a trip plan with someone to let them know where you will be and when you plan to return.
- Swim in designated swimming areas. (In all other areas except those designated "no swimming," individuals may swim at their own risk.)
- Do not overload your boat. Remember, safe boating is not overloading.