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Shoreline Management

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has the responsibility to manage, preserve and protect the lake's environment while providing for a balanced use of the lakeshore. This is primarily accomplished through USACE "Shoreline Management Plan," which includes guidance and policies based on regulations and public input for the protection of public lands and waters.

As stewards of the lake it is our job to protect the environmental resources surrounding Lake Lanier so that both present and future generations can enjoy them. You must contact the Project Management Office to obtain the appropriate permits before doing any work on public property. This helps us protect the resources that keep Lake Lanier beautiful.

Policies and Regulations

Rules and Regulations Governing the Use of Public Lands and Waters: C.F.R. Title 36 Chapter 3 part 327 (July 2001 version)

Wetland Issues

The Lake Lanier Project Management Offices handles permits for activities on public land surrounding Lake Lanier (including dock, riprap, and small silt removal permits). All questions regarding wetlands activities on private property should be directed to the Atlanta Area Regulatory Office (678)422-2720. Lake Lanier is part of the Savannah Regulatory District.

Shoreline Management at South Atlantic Division Civil Works Projects, Changes as of 1 Decembar 2015

Division Regulation 1130-15-1

Memo For Record, Administrative Changes

Office Hours

The Shoreline Help Desk will accept walk-in customers for dock permit questions and paperwork on Tuesdays-Thursdays from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. For questions please contact the Shoreline Help Desk at (770) 904-3262.