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Map of all the parks on Lake Sidney Lanier. 

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Recreation Map

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Fish Attractor Maps


Drainage Basins of North Georgia and Southeast US 

Water flows into Lake Lanier from numerous creeks, streams and rivers forming the watershed for Lake Lanier.  The drainage area is approximately 1,040 square miles.  Although this sounds like a large area, it is relatively small for a lake the size of Lanier which has 73 square miles of surface water at normal pool, a 14:1 ratio. Download Map


Lakes, rivers and dams in the Apalachicola, Chattahoochee and Flint River System.



Laurel Ridge Trail- 3.8 miles

Little Ridge Trail


GPX Files for download


Directions: click a link below and save the .zip file to your computer.  Use a zip utility like

7-zip or WinZip to extract the .gpx file.  Open the .gpx file with your GPS management software and transfer to your GPS unit.


Buoys and Markers- Navigation Aids and Regulatory signs/buoys

Download: Contains one .gpx file with 1,177 waypoints


Downriver Signs-warning signs between Buford Dam and GA Hwy 20**



Boat Ramps- locations of Corps boats ramps on Lake Lanier 



Fish Attractors- locations of approved fish attractors on Lake Lanier



Useful links:

EasyGPS- GPS management software, transfer .gpx or .loc files to your GPS

OziExplorer- GPS Mapping Software for Magellan, Garmin, Lowrance, Eagle, MLR Receivers; will convert .shp to .gpx

CorpsCon- program to convert between practically any known coordinate system.


**This map data is intended as a general reference to where signs may be located. USACE is not responsible for missing or damaged signs due to vandalism or natural disasters. The Corps will not accept any liability for bodily harm or property damage due to relocation, missing, or damaged signs.

Lakeshore Use Allocation Maps

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