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                                            Ranger presenting a water safety program

Did you know that Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States?  Each year, approximately 6,000 people drown in the US. Because most drowning victims had no intention of being in the water, most people drown within 10 to 30 feet of safety. That is why it is important for you and your family to learn how to swim. Whether your fishing, swimming, or just boating at one of our lakes it is important to follow these simple but crucial guidelines:

When Swimming:

  • Swim in designated swimming areas.
  • Swim with others, never by yourself.
  • Watch children closely at all times.
  • Never dive or swim in unknown area.

When Boating or Fishing:

  • Wear a life jacket.
  • Check your boat for all required safety equipment.
  • Make sure check the weather forecast.
  • File a Vessel Float Plan with a friend.
  • Check your electrical and fuel systems for gas fumes.
  • Follow manufacturer's suggested procedures before starting up.
  • Carry a navigation chart.
  • Follow the navigation rules of the road.