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 Volunteer opportunities abound at Corps projects across the nation.  Visit the Volunteer Clearinghouse, or call 1-800-865-8337, for information on a variety of other volunteer opportunities available in the Mobile District or with the Corps throughout the nation.  In the Mobile District more than 10,000 volunteers donated their time last year. Volunteering at a local park is an excellent way to give back to your community. The Allatoona Lake Project offers a wide variety of available volunteer activities. Currently, the Allatoona Project is trying to build a solid volunteer base. A few examples of volunteer activities last year at Allatoona Lake include: blue bird box maintenance, tree planting, trail maintenance, bat house construction, park hosting, the Great Lake Allatoona Cleanup, and many others. If you would like to volunteer your services for any of our worthy projects, please contact the volunteer coordinator at 678-721-6700.


Volunteer Opportunities at Allatoona Lake


  • Booth Manning at Boat Shows, Fairs, and other Community Events
  • Boundary Management and Inspection Assistance
  • Brochure Development
  • Bulletin Board Design and Maintenance
  • Cultural Resource Maintenance/Preservation
  • Eagle Scout Projects
  • Ecosystem Restoration/Conservation
  • Interpretation/Educational Programs
  • Lake/River Cleanup Events
  • Office/Clerical Duties
  • Park Hosting
  • Spanish Language Translations
  • Trail Maintenance and Construction
  • Water Safety Promotion
  • Web Design and Programming
  • Wildlife Management


For more information or to speak to the volunteer coordinator, please contact the
Allatoona Lake Project Management Office at
678-721-6700 or at


Allatoona Volunteer Application

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