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Hunting at Allatoona Lake

 Permit Requests for Hunting Seasons will not be accepted until May 1 of each year.

Hunting on USACE-managed areas:

Hunting is permitted in ten specific USACE managed areas provided that the hunter has an Allatoona Lake USACE Hunting Permit and a valid GA hunting license. USACE Permit Hunters must only use weapons allowed in each area.


WATERFOWL HUNTING. Waterfowl hunting does not require the USACE hunting permit but is allowed in the dry lake bed or on the water in a boat on Allatoona Lake according to all federal, state and local hunting laws and USACE regulations. Waterfowl hunter pedestrian access is permissible through Sweetwater Campground and Day Use Area, Upper Stamp Creek Campground and McKaskey Campground after they are closed for the season on Sept. 4. Shotguns must be unloaded and cased while inside these closed recreation areas. Hunting or shooting less than 500 feet from any structure is prohibited anywhere on the Allatoona Lake Project including structures in closed parks. Overflow vehicle parking areas will remain open and may be used by hunters so long as they do not block gates or park in a road right of way.

For more information about a USACE hunting Permit, contact the Allatoona Lake Project Management Office at 678-721-6700.


Hunting on State-managed Allatoona WMA:

The State of GA manages a Wildlife Management Area (WMA) of nearly 7,000 acres on the north side of Allatoona Lake providing habitat for many kinds of game and non-game wildlife. (See area number 9 on the Lake Map.) This area, operated by the Game and Fish Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GADNR), offers the public excellent hunting and wildlife viewing opportunities. State licensed hunters with a Georgia WMA stamp may hunt here seasonally.

For more information about the Wildlife Management Area call Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resource Division at 706-295-6041 or visit:

For Wildlife Resource Information contact:
Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Wildlife Resource Division
2592 Floyd Springs Road, NE
Armuchee, Georgia 30105
Phone: 706-295-6401

The State of Georgia Department of Natural Resources "Turn In Poachers" TIPS phone number is:  1-800-241-4113      Callers may remain anonymous.

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