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Hiking / Biking

Allatoona Lake offers 11 hiking trails with a variety of difficulties and themes.  Trails are located at various areas around the lake.  There are approximately 20 miles of trail offered to you on land operated or leased by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Not all hiking trails around Allatoona Lake are managed by the Corps.  Many of them are maintained and managed by Red Top Mountain State Park, Cherokee County Recreation Authority, the Boy Scouts of America and special interest groups.  These trails can be hiked free of charge although a parking fee may apply at certain areas.  The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers invites you and your family to come visit our trails and enjoy the beautiful outdoors at Allatoona Lake. 

Please remember, while visiting our parks and trails, take only pictures and leave only footprints.  The trails at Allatoona Lake listed below are for hiking only.  Please visit our Biking Trails page for information on biking trails on Allatoona Lake.