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Small Business Mission

Small Business Mission Statement 

Central Contractor Registration Information

All contractors wishing to do business with the Mobile District, Corps of Engineers, must be registered with The System for Award Management (SAM).  SAM is a free web site that consolidates several website capabilities where you will be able to find the Central Contractor Registration, Federal Agency Registration (FedReg), Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA), and the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS.).  In the near future there will be additional phases of SAM that will add capabilities from other systems used in the Federal procurement and awards processes.  Select “SAM” to access the site in order to create an account, re-activate an account, or simply browse the information within the System for Award Management website.


Dynamic Small Business Search

If you want to conduct market research, confirm a small business status, or you wish to review Small Business Administration (SBA) basic rules and regulations, or you may wish to confirm a Small Business eligibility within one of SBA's procurement preference programs, users and government officials can now go to the “SAM” website.  Additional marketing insight can be found by downloading “Marketing To DoD The Basics”  document. If you have questions concerning marketing information on this page, feel free to call 251-690-3579 or 251-690-3597.


Conducting Business with USACE

Contractor’s Registration: New contractors who wish to actively market their company to the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and want to learn how USACE conducts business, registration requirements, display announcements, conduct  outreach events or provide other marketing opportunities, their companies should first be registered with the System for Award Management (SAM).  Select “SAM” to access the site in order to register your company’s information.


Announcements of Opportunities: Companies seeking solicitation, awards, or for other opportunities with USACE must utilize the Federal Business Opportunities.  The address for this site is: (


The FEDBIZOpps is a public website used by federal agencies to advertise solicitations that are valued at $25,000 and over. Procurements valued between $2,500 and $25,000 are generally not advertised and procurements under $2,500 are usually procured using the Government Purchase Card (GPC)


Acquisition Regulations: USACE is required to conduct its procurements subject to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), and DoD, Army and USACE supplements. Potential contractors,

such as company representatives  should familiarize yourself with the following regulations and its locations.



FAR Regulations

Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

Defense Federal Acquisition Supplement (DFARS)

Army Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (AFARS)

USACE Federal Acquisition Supplement (EFAR)


Contracting with USACE

USACE procurements are conducted by Contracting Offices located at Districts and Division Centers. Firms can obtain the location of their Districts and Division Centers within their state by accessing the Headquarters (HQ) USACE website ( and select “Locations” on the tab, then select any of the divisions “Where We Are”  – I/S - Army Corps of Engineers map to connect to that District’s information. Often, more than one district performs work within a state. 


This is due to the District’s mission, which may focus on military or civil works programs. The first point of contact for a small business seeking to do business with USACE is the Deputy of Small Business, who can assist vendors in identifying contracting opportunities and  establish meetings with technical, contracting, or project management staff. A complete listing of USACE Deputies for Small Business can be obtained from the HQ USACE Small Business Website by selecting “Business With Us”, “Small Business”, then select “Small Business Advocates.”  


Subcontracting Opportunities

Firms should also consider subcontracting opportunities available with prime contractors who have been awarded contracts from  Mobile District and from other organizations within the Department of Defense (DoD). The primary methods of locating information on subcontracting opportunities are from GSA’s Sub Net program and DoD’s Forecasts.

SBA’s Sub-Net: is a valuable resource for obtaining information on subcontracting opportunities or obtaining notices of sources sought. Prime contractors as well as other government, commercial, and educational entities, post solicitations for small businesses.

DoD Service Forecasts: DoD maintains a Subcontracting Directory that provides opportunities for small businesses and those small business opportunities identify different areas of potential growth.  This forecast is prepared and submitted from various organizations within DoD. 

Mobile District Forecast: The Mobile District provides lists of Prime contractors for subcontracting opportunities. The information includes but is not limited to upcoming solicitations, A&E construction, Army Medical Command Program, Operational and Maintenance Support Program, and Facility Support programs.


Subcontracting Plan Requirements

Subcontracting plans are clearly defined and the statutory requirements can be found at FAR 19.702. The subcontracting plan detailed requirements are listed at FAR 19.704.   Large business concerns receiving contract awards valued in excess of the statutory requirements are required to have an approved subcontracting plan.


Subcontracting Plan Basic Contents : A subcontracting plan contains separate percentage goals and dollar amounts and procurement requirements for each of the socio-economic categories for the length of the contract.  Your selected plan should describe the program’s administrators duties, the steps to enhance the company’s program and ensuring competitive fairness. In addition, all clauses and statutory requirements are included, and ensure that all company reports and records are well documented.


Participation in Outreach Events

Outreach events ranging from national conferences to local workshops provide an opportunity for small business firms to meet with procurement specialists from military and civilian agencies, as well as federal prime contractors. USACE conducts small business conferences on an annual basis which are generally held in different geographical regions like Washington, DC, Las Vegas, Nevada, or Grapevine, Texas.  USACE Divisions Centers and Districts representatives come together to speak with small businesses about USACE contracting opportunities. Regional district booths are established to allow small businesses an opportunity to speak directly with senior leadership, contracting professionals and project management staff members about upcoming requirements.


Small Business Conferences  & Workshops


Headquarters - USACE

The HQ USACE website may contain a listing of small business outreach conferences and/or local workshops.

Office of Small Business Programs


Additional information concerning various conferences can be found at the Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization.

National Conference Services, Inc.

This is a National Conference Service that provides premier marketing events planning for organizations within the Federal Government.

Office of Small Business Programs

Conference registration site for the Army Small Business Program that sponsors all social economic categories.

Mobile District - USACE

Mobile District small business website where local outreach events and / or national conferences are posted as they occur.

Architect Engineer Contracting Opportunities

USACE Architect-Engineer contracting opportunities are associated with the design  and  / or construction of real property. These services include architect, engineering, design, water resources planning, water resources engineering, surveying, and core drilling requirements.


Engineering Pamphlets


Engineering Pamphlets (EP) 715-1-7

Engineering Pamphlets (EP) 715-1-4

These two pamphlets are of particular interest to A-E firms, and can be accessed from the USACE website. “How to Obtain Consideration for Architect-Engineer Contracts with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers”, describes USACE A-E acquisition procedures, including how primary and secondary selection criteria are applied by selection boards, debriefings of unsuccessful firms and performance evaluations.  It also contains a listing of Internet addresses relevant to A-E Contracting, and information on the USACE A-E Training course. Appendix J of the EP addresses USACE Procedures for acquiring A-E services using the Small Business Program.

Construction Contracting Opportunities

Firms interested in construction opportunities are encouraged to review Engineer Pamphlet 415-1-5, How to Obtain Construction Contracts with the US Army Corps of Engineers and are encouraged register for a Construction  Quality Management (CQM) Course.


Construction Pamphlet & Quality Management Course

EP 415-1-5

CQM Course

USACE Districts conduct the Construction Quality Management (CQM) Course, which is recommended to be completed prior to receiving a construction contract award. The course, developed in partnership with Associated Builders and Contractors and the Associated General Contractors instructs Contractor Superintendents, Quality Control (QC) staff, and foremen in construction quality with subjects relating to Quality Assurance (QA). This course is useful for Construction Managers or Facility Engineers and especially anyone dealing with public sector construction. The course describes the QC/QA system successfully used by the Corps of Engineers and NAVFAC. Contact your closest USACE District office for information on course schedules.

Special Programs & Small Business Assistance

Numerous Federal agencies and professional organizations provide assistance to small business concerns. The services that are provided range from assisting individuals with loans to establishing a business, or assisting business owners with establishing their small business certifications, or even guiding small business owners with  proposal preparation to properly respond to Government solicitations. Although not all-inclusive, the listing below serves as a viable starting point for small businesses to obtain assistance and additional information.


Agencies Website


SBA U.S. Small Business Administration

SBA Veterans Business Development Program

SBA Tribal Business Information Centers

Small Business Development Centers

SBA on-Line Women’s Business Centers

SBA Assistance to Minority-Owned Businesses

Procurement Technical Assistance


SBA U.S. Export Assistance Centers

SBA HUBZone Empowerment Program

Service Corps of Retired Executive

SBA Office of Native American Affairs

8(a) Business Development

SBA Loans & Grants

Small Business Notes

Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce